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The only App that brings "Groups" together!

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We're the First Instant App for Dating,
Networking or Linking for Just a Drink


Wink and Link with someone who shares your Drink DNA.

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Ready to go out? Drink mode lets you, Wink, Link, and Meet NOW.


Your Time is Important, we don't drag out the process.

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Use Group Drink mode to get together with business colleagues or social groups.

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Connect Organically   Unfiltered
Without the Wait

Pick your favorite beverage – wine, craft beer, coffee or tea and many others. Then see who shares your Drink DNA and start winking.

Drinking and dining spots wink at you, too, based on your Drink DNA. Makes it super easy to find and agree on a place to meet.

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We Believe in Meeting the
Old-Fashioned Way

Your online profile can say a lot but there’s nothing like getting together in person at a popular spot with other people around.

Once you’re there, if you’re into the moment, stay for another round. If not, say goodbye with no strings attached, just like you would if you’d met by chance.

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Expand Your
Social Circle

WinknDrink keeps you up to date on local bars and clubs, places to try, specials and events, whether you’re winking or not. New brewery having a grand opening? Check for other interested Winkers and go have fun.

Forget the Perfect Profile
- Be Yourself!

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Forget filters and Photoshop®, catfish and cliches. Start fresh with a new and innovative app. WinknDrink helps people get to know each other face to face. Of course, you can add details to your profile - we know you're more than your Drink DNA!

Group Selfie Drinks WinknDrink verifies phone numbers, Facebook
and Google Accounts of users.
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Network When You’re Out of Town

WinknDrink connects individuals or groups at bars, clubs and restaurants.